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next is alarming. >> we were wondering if you can maybe let us put this on your window. it's my little sister. she went missing yesterday. >> reporter: the padilla family has done nothing but search for 24 hours, desperate to find jessica before any harm comes to her. >> she's really young. she's 12. anybody can easily grab her. >> reporter: they're posting her picture around their neighborhood and around the library downtown where jessica's mom came to pick her up just before 6:00 wednesday evening. they argued and jessica went back inside to get something she said she forgot but a staffer saw her leave instead at the library's backdoors. >> jessica never showed back up and mom goes in and finds out that she's gone. >> reporter: gone in the direction of mcdonald avenue and 23rd street, notorious for drug and sex trafficking. and no place for an 8th grader alone. >> maybe a little bit naive. whatever it is she thinks she's going to be in trouble for, it's nothing compared to what could
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happen out in the streets here. >> reporter: with their son translating, the padillas say jessica is the middle of five children and has never been in trouble or ran away. she's been going to the library to work on a summer project. in the room jessica shares with her sisters, her clothes are all here and so are her laptop and tablet supposed to be used only for school. her dad took her cell phone away. right now jessica has no electronic footprint to track. >> took it away from her because she'd be using it too much then she got grounded. >> reporter: jessica's mom has barely slept, walking richmond with posters and driving around looking. >> i let my coworkers know. >> reporter: she wants her daughter to know all they care about now is getting her home safely. >> if she's seeing this, she wants her to come back to us. she's really sad. >> richmond police have checked
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businesses in the area, those with cameras, but so far no sign of jessica padilla in any of the video. her family as you heard is just heart sick, hoping to hear something soon. >> just a horrible feeling for a mom knowing they got in to an argument right before she left or vanished and also not having her cell phone too so they can't track anything. >> right. we've become pretty accustom to being able to ping a cell phone. yeah, this family is really suffering right now. >> let's hope they get good news and find her and bring her home safe. now to the south bay where a 17-year-old boy is in grave condition tonight after he was shot while driving in a residential neighborhood in santa clara. it happened last night at the intersection of brookdale and bing drives. an officer patrolling the area heard what he thought were illegal fireworks. it turned out it was gunfire. the officer then spotted a car that had crashed in to a van. the teenager was slumped behind the wheel. we spoke to a witness who asked not to be identified.
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>> tires were spinning. passenger door flung open. i walked up to see what was going on and the driver of the car seemed more or less unconscious and when i realized there were bullet holes in the window. >> we believe at this point it was not a drive-by, just based off of the placement of the shot or the round itself. we believe the shooter was outside of the vehicle. >> the teenaged victim was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the shooter still hasn't been found. happening now, an update on the big power outage affecting parts of san rafael and novato in marin county. the source of the outage was a fire in an underground vault at lucas valley road. at 10:00 pg&e reported the outage affected 7200 homes and businesses. that number is now 4300 pg&e customers. it's unclear when everyone will have their power restored. the man charged with murder for a crash in concord that killed two young boys appeared
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before a judge today. instead of appearing in a courtroom, the defendant was arraigned from his hospital bed. that's unusual but not unheard of. >> reporter: from his bed at highland hospital in oakland, lemuel wilson, jr. was formally notified of the charges against him. two counts of murder, hit-and-run, and dui. a judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, and bailiff came from contra costa for the unusual hearing. ktvu spoke to the prosecutor after the brief hearing where cameras were not allowed. no family members were there. >> it went fine. pretty routine. the arraignment was put over for two weeks. >> reporter: wilson is accused of fleeing the scene after he crashed his car in to an suv with a woman and her three sons inside. 5-year-old vincent reyes-rothenberg and 10-year-old lorenzo reyes were killed. >> you can only begin to imagine how terrible the loss would be, from both sides. just a horrible, horrible thing that has occurred.
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>> reporter: the chp which investigated the case says wilson has three dui convictions and was again drunk and driving on a suspended license at the time of the deadly crash. that factored in to the d.a.'s decision to charge him with murder and not vehicular manslaughter. >> when somebody intentionally commits an act which they know is inherently dangerous to human life, and they do that act anyway, and somebody dies, it's called implied malice. that's the theory which somebody can be charged with murder. >> reporter: the boys' mother, who was hurt along with her son, luciano, says she hopes he'll be prosecute today the -- prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> when conviction time comes, there will be justice for my children. >> reporter: in two weeks the judge could return to the hospital unless the defendant's medical condition improves. if that happens, he'll appear in a courtroom. for now his bail is set at $2
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million. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. in san francisco today a superior court jury found a man guilty of killing two jewelry store clerks in a violent rampage four years ago. the jurors convicted 27-year-old barry white, jr. on two counts of first degree murder and one count of attempted murder. those charges stem from a robbery inside the san francisco gift center and jewelry mart on brannon street back in 2013. white was also convicted of six other counts of attempted murder for opening fire on the san francisco police officer who responded to the jewelry store killings. >> thankfully the jury saw through that and did the right thing, not only on behalf of the civilian victims, but also on behalf of the six san francisco police officers that almost died that day. >> prosecutors say white launched his violent rampage because he felt one of the jewelry store clerks had shortchanged him on a gold necklace he'd just purchased. the antioch man now faces the
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possibility of life in prison without the possibility of parole. the sheriff in sonoma county, steve fratus, announced today he's retiring. in a written statement the sheriff said he's been struggling with health problems and that he'd step down on august 1st. the 54-year-old did not disclose the nature of his health problems. six candidates have already declared their candidacy for sheriff in next year's election. the board of supervisors is expected to appoint an interim sheriff before he leaves next month. the trump administration took steps today to speed up the process for energy companies to get drilling permits for oil and natural gas on federal planned. current law requires a decision on permits within 30 days but interior secretary ryan zenky said the order will not open up natural parks to exploration but environmentalists called the order a giveaway to big oil and gas interests.
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clashes between police and protesters lasted late in to the night in hamburg, germany before the g20 economic summit, set to begin just a couple hours from now. >> protesters lit fires in the street as police used water canon to try to disperse them. fox news chief white house correspondent john roberts is in germany where as many as 100,000 demonstrators are expected as the world leaders gather. >> reporter: far from the protests, which will likely have no impact on the g20 leaders, president trump met with angela merkel. the atmosphere appeared cordial enough. just last week merkel appeared very critical of the president's intention to pull out of the paris climate accord. >> we cannot and will not wait to actonel the signs have convinced every last doubter. in one word, the paris climate agreement is irreversible and cannot be negotiated. >> reporter: earlier today in poland, president trump was on
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friendly territory. a speech in warsaw's square where he answered critics who questioned his commitment to doctrine of defense, article 5. >> we stand firmly behind article 5. words are easy but actions are what matters. >> reporter: in the speech, the president had stern words for russian president vladimir putin with whom he'll meet tomorrow. >> we urge russia to cease its destabilizing activities in ukraine and elsewhere and its support for hostile regimes, including syria and iran. and to instead join the community of responsible nations in our fight against common enemies and a defense of civilization itself. >> reporter: but earlier in a press conference with polish president andre duda, president trump appeared to soft pedal u.s. intelligence assessments that russia was meddling in the
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election. >> i think it was russia and i think it was other people in other countries. >> reporter: the president also addressed in person for the first time north korea's fourth of july test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. the president warning he's been considering, quote, some severe things to respond to the north's provocations. north korea's missile test will put an added emphasis on another bilateral meeting president trump will have here at the g20 summit with chinese president xi jinping. the music service streaming service sound cloud is closing its office in san francisco as part of a cost cutting move. sound cloud will cut 173 jobs worldwide. the company says that will help put it on a path to profitability. sound cloud is based in berlin and offers mostly free content. a subscription service launched last year hasn't raised as much cash as hoped. stocks fell on wall street today on the report of a downturn in hiring last month. the dow dropped 158.
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nasdaq lost 61. s&p was down 22. payroll processing company adp said u.s. businesses added fewer jobs last month than expected. up next, a close encounter at a park in the south bay. it leaves officials to restrict access to the public. >> it was a mountain lion because i heard him and he was very hungry. >> we're tracking the heat. it's hot again inland tomorrow. the weekend has a little bit of a cool-down then a big heat-up.
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people who live in contra costa county have a new option when it comes to barking dogs creating a nuisance. a new noise ordinance is aimed at helping people resolve issues caused by their neighbors' pets. the first step is to call contra costa animal services and let them know about the noise complaint. if the problem continues, neighbors can file a further complaint. the county will issue a citation and ask everyone to come in and talk things over. >> this is one of the most frequent calls we get at animal services, complaints of dogs barking through the night, barking through the day, people need to sleep, need to be able to do their work and concentrate when they can. >> county officials say they hope by getting neighbors together face by face, it will help everyone work out a solution. a section of san jose's vast alum rock park was closed to the public today and will be closed tomorrow due to a mountain lion
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sighting. as ktvu's cristina rendon reports, park and rec made the decision in the interest of public safety. >> reporter: sael phone -- cell phone video shows a mountain lion wednesday evening around 5:30, by a park manager who says the animal was about three quarters of a mile near south rim trail. mountain lions are common because they feed on deer, but having multiple sightings during daylight hours is unusual. >> in this case the animal has been seen multiple times in a relatively confined area. it's not immediately walking off. it's not aggressive, not displaying stalking behavior. >> reporter: after consulting with the department of fish and wildlife, a decision was made to close the trail for 48 to 72 hours to give the mountain lion a chance to move further in to the canyon and away from public areas. >> i'm scared to walk in there by myself. >> reporter: she believes she heard a mountain lion in this area several weeks ago. >> it was coming from down there
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and it sounded like somebody was screaming but they weren't. it was a mountain lion because i heard him. it was very hungry. >> reporter: the park ranger says alum rock park is a protected area for mountain lions. if you stumble upon one, make yourself known and heard. >> make yourself big. extend your arms. if you're wearing a jacket, flap your jacket out. you want to look big. you want to look like another predator. >> reporter: she says you don't want to turn and run. if you're faced with an aggressive lion, throw rocks, hit them with a stick and fight back. the mountain lion is an adult and could weigh anywhere from 80 to 100 pounds. they're going to re-assess the area saturday to determine whether to keep the road and trail closed, but all the other trails in alum rock park remain open. in san jose, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. we have new figures on a wildfire burning tonight near winters in yolo county. it says the fire has burned 1600 acres. that's up from 250 acres at
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6:00. containment is also up to 18%. the fire started just after 12:00 this afternoon and is burning in a rural area of grass and oak trees southwest of winters. some mandatory evacuations have been ordered for the lospasitos estates and golden bear estates. i know president trump is trying to get out of the paris agreement, but he doesn't speak for the rest of america. we in california and states all across america believe it's time to act. >> in a videotape message, the governor issued an open invitation to attend his global climate action summit in san francisco next year. brown says he'll bring together leaders of states, cities, and businesses from around the world committed to reducing carbon emissions. back in may, president trump abandoned the goals of the paris climate deal, but the vast majority of world leaders still
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support them. we got the temperatures today. they're warmer than yesterday. i drew this line in here because i want to show you where the heat really is going to be tomorrow again. so it's really kind of just down on the east side of this line. today it was a little bit cooler inside this line. temperatures tomorrow will be a lot like these. outside in here, these are going to go 102, 103 in some places. especially east out toward fairfield. so it was 103 in sacramento today. most of our temperatures stay upper 90s, very hot inland. warm to very warm around the bay if you want to call it that. as we look at the fog, very little out there to speak of. there are reports of patchy fog. here are the highs. you can kind of see that line. it just delineates where the sea breeze gets to and where it doesn't. magically that follows the contour of the east bay hills.
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that's what this is. shallower marine layer being blocked in because it's not deep enough to get up over vulmer peak. west wind in san francisco, 20 miles per hour. beautiful night in the city. it is a pretty night. beautiful sunset. very little fog to speak of. puffy clouds today. we watched it on the 4:00 and 5:00 and 6:00. tomorrow morning just a little bit. goes away quick. that's going to be a hot day. purples are 100s. there's all your 100s. they're favoring the central and eastern central valley. the heat is coming this way, this is in the desert southwest. forecast highs tomorrow, there they are. 98 in vacaville. 98 in fairfield. i could have put 100s in antioch. generally the temperature downtown, 98 or so.
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85 in milpitas. 70 in san francisco. that will be the warmest day it's been all week in san francisco. i suspect tomorrow will be the warmest day we see this week as well as temperatures slide back down as we go through time. with the fires we had today, we talked about how the heat really fires it up and i would suspect tomorrow we'll be talking about fires again. no way around it. we had three or four today. a couple -- one of them was pretty good size. tomorrow i think we can look for a couple outbreaks. >> looks like we're on a stretch of warm weather. >> nothing out of control. just where you'd expect it to be. >> livermore though, 106? >> yeah. toward the end of next week. >> thank you, bill. people looking to buy or sell goods in san mateo county have a safe place to carry out those transactions. today county officials unveiled the safe exchange zone at the maple street correctional center in redwood city. two parking spots of posted
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signs as designated safe areas within view of hi-def cameras and license plate readers. this comes after a man from daly city was trying to sell a play station 4 when he was shot to death in 2013 after he agreed to meet a buyer in san francisco. >> what we want to do is prevent as many crimes as possible because once they occur, besides the fact someone is a victim, we have to expend a tremendous number of resources in order to complete those investigations. so this way we prevent crime. no one gets victimized. it's a great idea. >> the cities of concord and fremont have similar programs. the giants were out-muscled by the tigers today in motown. mark will have the highlights and sports next. >> taking a live look now at city hall in san francisco. beautiful clear night in the city. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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disneyland resort. hero up!
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mark is back with sports. good night tonight for the as in seattle. >> beautiful night up in your old stomping grounds. the as, this is youth in full bloom. looking good. a lot of their young talent on display and making it happen for bob melvin. the manager racking up his 500th career victory. i told you youth was being
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served up there. an as fan on hand in enemy territory. that's paul blackburn, east bay product looking good and getting some help. look at this throw by jacob brugman from relatively deep center and tagging up is mitch haniger. sorry, he did. look at that on a line. he doesn't even reach 3rd base. he's out by a mile. much appreciated by everybody else. as is this swing of kris davis' bat. 24th of the year. tied for third in the american league. blackburn, 7 and 2/3rds for his first big league win, allowing only one run. as for the giants, that's chris stanton in for johnny cueto. miguel cabrera reaches him early. a base hit to center. justin upton in to score. 1-0. in the 2nd inning, 2-0.
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this is dixon machado, 146 at-bats in the major leagues and he'd never done that, a two-run homer. 6 and 2/3rds. gives up five runs. not entertaining for that young lady. the giants come home after a pretty good road trip 4-2. interesting golf tournament going on back east. phil mickelson out for the first time without his caddy of 25 years as he takes on greenbriar. golf classic back there, mckay has been with mickelson for 25 years. nine iron, number 11. it goes astray for mickelson to say the least and winds up hitting that gentleman in the noggin. mickelson, despite that bad shot, was 3 under 67 for the day and a guilty handshake and a glove, hits the putt, and walks
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over and gives the gentleman a ball as well. mickelson is 6 off the pace as we come to that point in the evening where we must check this out. some of the activities from around the major leagues. remember ron washington, one of the best fielders when he played and a great instructor. get out of the way, ron. now 3rd base coach for the braves. happy to be alive after that one. his former pupil josh donaldson, former a, sensational from 3rd base for the jays as you watch the replay, you've got to have an arm to make that play and get the man by plenty. we now go to sweden, this innocent golfer minding his own business when a young moose tracks him down on the course. [ laughter ] he obviously just wants to play. and the moose, come back here. let's play a little bit. >> like a big puppy. >> postcard picture on a golf
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course in sweden. >> and the guy on his cell phone taking the video was just laughing. >> the whole time. just cracking up. while his buddy is running. [ laughter ] >> good stuff. as on the road. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> have a great one. see you later.
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